Textstor Modules

Textstor Modules

Textstor – Purchase Invoice Authorisation (PIA)

Purchase Invoice Authorisation, our accounts payable system, takes advantage of purchase invoices received and archived by our document management software. Each invoice can be forwarded to one or more managers, who are responsible for the authorisation of that invoice.

Where required, the manager can enter a nominal breakdown for the invoice (nominal account/amount/control number). When complete the invoice is authorised by pressing the ‘authorise invoice’ button..

The benefits of using PIA

  • Outstanding purchase invoices processed quicker
  • No “hard copy” invoice lost or waiting on desks
  • Electronic prompts to inform recipient of invoice to be processed
  • Disputed Invoices can be actioned quickly
  • Invoices can be allocated to more the one authoriser
  • Part acceptance of an invoice based on your cost centre
  • Daily invoices can be downloaded to you own purchase ledger, where a suitable interface exists

The return on investment with PIA is normally realised within 6 months of installation. Where required, CMS will tailor the Purchase Invoice Authorisation system to emulate your current business processes.

Further information on Textstor Purchase Invoice Authorisation can be found here.

Textstor – Electronic Document Distribution (EDD)

Electronic Document Distribution is an add-on module for Textstor which enables you to send month end statements to your customers by email, fax or hard copy in one simple process.

  • Optionally suppress the output of zero and credit balance statements
  • Send copy overdue invoices with the statement
  • Additional documents can also be attached to the statement e.g. marketing promotions, news letters, etc
  • Your customers will receive their statements more quickly and directly to the correct person
  • Suppress the output of “inter company” statements
  • Savings in postage charges, pre-printed stationary, envelopes, printing etc
  • Saving in labour costs associated with the process of sending statements out each month
  • Improved efficiency of credit control as all overdue invoices can be sent with the statements.
  • Remittance advice slips may also be sent to your suppliers electronically

Further information on Textstor Electronic Document Distrubition can be found here.

For further information on Textstor Enterprise Report Management, contact CMS Software using our contact details found here.