CMS Software has been providing electronic document management, form capture and data extraction software for more than 25 years, specialising in finding solutions to customer’s unique problems using our own software and services rather than the usual ‘one size fits all’ approach offered by many software providers.

Are you swimming in a sea of paper? Losing misfiled documents? Taking an age to retrieve paper files from an ever increasing number of filing cabinets? Spending hours re-keying information into your own systems & databases?

We have the perfect solution to your paper problem.

Information contained in time sheets, PDF files, invoices, questionnaires and exam papers can be difficult to utilise efficiently, usually requiring a labour-intensive process of re-keying into the customer’s own database. We provide a ‘best fit’ mechanism to extract this information using our FormStorm software and give it to you in your required digital format, thus saving time and labour costs and reduce re-keying inaccuracies.

The documents can be archived automatically for you and retrieved using Textstor, our own easy to use document management viewer , which can also be used for viewing other office documents such as purchase invoices, scanned by yourselves or by using the CMS Software scanning bureau service.

CMS supply software and services to many different market sectors, including..

Car and Commercial Automotive Businesses
NHS and Private Healthcare
Banking and Financial
Local Councils
Logistics and Distribution


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