Form Capture – Mallon Technology

Case Study – Mallon Technology

Our Client

Throughout Mallon Technology’s fifteen years of business they have worked with a wide variety of customers including major government bodies such as the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Ireland and the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture as well as many county councils and private sector companies.

Since its inception the company has been a leader in the GIS and Public Administration Software markets but in 2005 they branched into the field of digital data management which eventually led to the requirement for a robust, efficient, non volume based forms recognition system. The  Solution

EAG turned to CMS Software who have provided data capture and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to them for over 10 years.

The Client’s Challenge

Mallon Technology had won a large contract to extract data from 1.1 million highly confidential documents. The documents stretched back over 40 years and the information held on them had been either typed using an old fashioned type writer or handwritten. In addition, the information was not entered in uniform positions and the forms, although similar, had many redesigns over the course of the many years they were in use.

They were also under a very tight deadline for completion and needed an efficient way to handle not only the extraction of the data but control the quality and flow through the entire process.

Our Solution

After a detailed pilot and proof of concept, FormStorm Enterprise was applied to the task.  CMS created an intelligent system to match, locate and extract all legible information from the forms. A carefully constructed workflow was created within FormStorm which included many validation checks and quality control modules.

Despite the age, quality and difficult nature of the forms an efficient and reliable system was created to handle the large volume in the required timeframe.

Business Benefits

  • Excellent extraction results
  • Fast, efficient data validation enabling the project to be completed on schedule
  • Users could work from remote sites when required
  • Resulting data exported directly into a database in the correct format required by the client
  • Monitoring of user’s performance and quality of work
  • Connection created to a Mallon Technology database to validate names
  • Increase in efficiency and large reduction in error rates
  • Stable and robust system which has generated few operational support calls since creation
  • Easy to maintain and intuitive system for creating new projects in-house
  • System creation was completed on-time and within budget
  • Average production, fully quality assured is 45000 forms per week with 5 verifiers and 1 quality assurance operative

“…I have found FormStorm to be a perfect answer to our form capture needs, adaptable, efficient and affordable, my dealings with CMS have also been excellent, they created a robust processing system for us under very tight time constraints within the agreed time frame and budget.”

David McQuillan, Services Manager. Mallon Technology

You also download an PDF version of this case study from here.