Wholesale-Distribution – George Scoble

Case Study – George Scoble

The Client’s Problem

George Scoble, located in South London, is a leading supplier of bathrooms, kitchens, tiles, plumbing and heating materials.

George Scoble management asked CMS Software Ltd to provide a document management solution which would reduce the growing mass of paperwork within the business – paperwork that was taking up valuable space and needing excessive time for filing and retrieval.

The company held more that 30,000 old invoices and delivery notes which were retained for a number of years. These documents occupied space which could otherwise have been used to store the equivalent of £100,000 worth of potentially profitable stock. Due to the location of the documents resolving customer queries was difficult, time consuming and costly.

Our Solution

CMS Software introduced Adest Document Manager along with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module. Scobles began by back scanning all old documents into the software.

A fast and simple automatic filing table, utilised information from their existing accounts system to validate the OCR values, was incorporated into the system and from this unique reference table, extra fields could be automatically populated.

Documents were successfully indexed at source, including some in poor condition which required manual intervention. All new documents carry simple bar codes to further improve the accuracy and speed of the indexing process.

The system has been applied successfully to all accounts documents including sales and purchase ledgers resulting in consistently fast and accurate resolution of customer queries. The additional storage space released by the use of Adest is now being used to stock increased product lines and customer service has been enhanced.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced administration cost
  • Improved cash flow
  • Faster resolution of customer queries
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Additional product display space

“A very impressive and easy to use system, Adest has become far more valuable than we ever imagined”

Duane Pope, Account & IT Systems Supervisor

You also download an PDF version of this case study from here.