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Case Study – Walraven


The Walraven Group evolved from the metal ware factory ‘J. van Walraven BV’ in the Netherlands in 1942. It opened its first UK branch in Banbury, Oxfordshire when it purchased Industrial Hangers Ltd in 1998. Walraven is a family owned company with head offices in the Netherlands and 17 sites around the world. They manufacture fixing systems for heating pipes, cooling systems as well as fire protection systems and sanitary systems. Walraven operate in the domestic market with many customers in the construction, electrical and building and public sectors. Above all, they believe in getting results for clients in the most effective way at very competitive rates. Walraven employ a team of over 600 staff.

The Client’s Problem

As with many manufacturing companies, Walraven sent out a large volume of monthly statements by post. This was a very tedious and time consuming process involving the printing, tearing of edges, separating and stamping of each sheet with the company logo. The printing of approximately 3000 pages per month incurred a large cost in consumables.

With an expanding business and a corresponding increase in monthly statements, Walraven needed to implement a more efficient process, requiring greater automation with the ability to distribute these documents electronically in a cost effective manner.

Our Solution

The decision to purchase Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) was taken by Nicola Luker, the Finance Manager of Walraven. CMS Software had demonstrated that EDD has the ability to reduce costs and save time, thus making the accounts department more efficient. EDD allows the generation of branded statements which can emailed or faxed utilising the automatic fax process within Zetafax.

Business Benefits

Since implementing EDD & Zetafax, Walraven has experienced a range of benefits across the business, including an improvement in staff productivity which has saved one part time employee up to 20 hours per month. There has also seen significant monthly cost-savings amounting to approximately £ 800 on postage and packaging, £ 400 on labour, £ 600 on stationery and consumables.

Previously, Walraven did not keep copy statements. EDD not only allows the distribution of documents electronically, but archives these documents for future use. They have found it easier to manage and deliver documents to their customers, ranging from self employed electricians and plumbers, up to large distributors and big electrical warehouses.

Nicola Luker comments “The feedback we have had has been really good. It is promoting a more professional look, whereas before we sent very basic statements with a manually stamped company name on the top. EDD & Zetafax is also helping us save the environment as well.”

“By implementing EDD & Zetafax, we have immediately saved a lot of money. It has the potential to save us more time and money in the future…”

Nicola Luker, Finance Manager

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