One of the leading Windows terminal emulation software packages with over 700,000 installations in 60 countries. Anita gives new life to text based applications on platforms such as UNIX, Linux and IBM mainframe. More »

Redscan SDP

The Redscan SDP appliance provides network security for small to medium enterprises. Including Firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti virus, anti spam, virtual private networking, content filtering, protected 24/7. More »


FormStorm by Charactell offers form processing for a wide variety of form types. Formstorm uses OCR, ICR  and IWR to extract data from forms. The extracted data can be exported to most third party systems, delivering accuracy and functionality. More »


Zetafax fax server will revolutionise the transmission and reception of faxes for your company. Installing Zetafax software will turn your server into a multifunctional fax station. You can finally forget about fax machines forever. More »