Panasonic Try and Buy Promotion on KV-S81 Series Scanners

No matter the breadth of your organisation and no matter the sector, when it comes to long-term, large-scale, fast-paced scanning output, Panasonic’s brand new KV-S81 Series is leading the way.

Engineered to meet the agile demands of large organisations, both the KV-S8127 and the KV-S8147 deliver incredibly high scanning speeds – 120 and 140 pages per minute respectively. Add intelligent labour-saving features, remote central management software, built-in image processing and your organisation can look forward to ultimate usability and less time spent at the printer.

Thanks to an exclusive, limited offer from Panasonic, you can try the KV-S81 Series in your customers business for 15 days with no cost AND receive an additional discount on the purchase price if your customer chooses to purchase the scanner.

The KV-S81 series scanners are high end A3 scanners with speeds of up to 140ppm.

Please contact CMS Software for more details.

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