FormStorm Enterprise

Extracting information from documents received into your company can be both time consuming and subject to human error when keying into your own systems. FormStorm can provide the answer to this problem.

CMS Software is proud to be one of the leading data capture companies involved in the application of FormStorm Enterprise in the UK. FormStorm, produced by Charactell is a fourth generation form & data capture software package. It is is a robust yet versatile system, ideal for a large variety forms and includes a large array of common pre-defined field attributes ready for immediate use in your own data capture environment.

This cost effective solution will allow you to save time and money when extracting data from many form types. FormStorm can deliver to you accuracy and functionality, at a fraction of the competitor’s prices. Unlike many other form processing software packages, FormStorm is priced per system and workstation and does not charge per scans processed, saving large ongoing costs.

Technical & benefits

  • Integrated, networked, scalable & powerful form processing system
  • Image Enhancement, Form ID, OCR, ICR, OMR, BCR/PCR, Rules, Address Verification
  • Output: ASCII; XML, CSV formats for flexible application integration
  • The only system allowing users and VARs to create their own classifiers
  • Unique and flexible logical and physical form definition saves labour & costs
  • Multi-application set-up for maximum data security and confidentiality
  • Administrative tools for system management and production efficiency
  • Full functionality and unparalleled ease of use (substantially lower TCO)
  • Intuitive context sensitive help reduces training needs
  • API allows advanced implementation: custom GUI, events, use as a “black box”

The FormStorm brochure can be found here

Cursive and Non Cursive (joined up writing and block capitals)

Formstorm is designed to extract handwritten text with joined up writing (cursive) and block capital boxed text (non cursive). It achieves this in conjunction with an intelligence engine from Parascript. This intelligence is fully integrated into FormStorm to produce amazing results. CMS Software can provide pre sales consultation to gain the best results for your form processing projects.

The FormStorm Enterprise product data sheet can be found here.


Purchase Invoice Data Capture

The ability to process purchase invoices efficiently and in a cost effective manner is crucial in today’s working environment. Outstanding payments can cost your business, money, time and reputation if not correctly dealt with.

  • Purchase invoices are scanned so that an electronic copy is made.
  • The electronic copy is available for authorised personnel.
  • This copy can be used in a new workflow approval system.
  • Originals can now be destroyed, saving important office/storage space.
  • Cost savings of up to 50% are achievable when automating this process.

The information on the invoice is captured using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). The extracted data is used to populate your accounts management system, human error is reduced and the process of data entry is automated.

We are able to accomplish this using FormStorm Enterprise software from Charactell. CMS Software is an authorised integrator for Charactell covering UK based companies. FormStorm allows templates of your invoices to be built so that many different types received can be captured correctly. This process leaves your accounts payable department the freedom to streamline their work practices and save wasted time.

For further information on FormStorm Enterprise Form Processing contact CMS Software direct. You’ll find our contact details here.