Textstor Modules

Textstor Modules

Purchase Invoice Authorisation (PIA)

The authorisation of purchase invoices can be a quite protracted procedure. The invoice is passed from manager to manager for their attention, a time-consuming process. Sometimes the invoice will be damaged or lost and possibly defaced with the nominal ledger breakdown scribbled on it. The electronic capture of all invoices received allows them to be processed by the Textstor PIA system. The invoice is registered by attaching a unique bar-code which is scanned and used as an identifier. It is forwarded to one or more managers to be authorised for payment, with the nominal ledger breakdown being entered by the manager or by the accounts department. If there is a problem with the invoice, it can be disputed until the problem is resolved. Finally, the purchase invoice data is generated in the required format for posting to your purchase ledger.

The benefits of PIA

  • Faster authorisation of purchase invoices resulting in quicker payment to suppliers
  • No more lost or damaged paper invoices, no delays caused by invoices sitting in an in-tray
  • PIA has an in-tray containing invoices waiting to be processed. Overdue invoices are monitored and chased by a system administrator, usually in the accounts department
  • Multiple managers can view and process an invoice simultaneously. It is available for authorisation when the nominal breakdown is complete.
  • Disputing an invoice allows it to be reported to the supplier with problems resolved more quickly
  • Where applicable, the purchase invoices are downloaded into your purchase ledger (where a suitable interface exists). A report can be printed for easy keying if needed.
  • Invoices will not be paid twice due to the duplicate invoice checking
  • A complete audit trail allows the digital history of an invoice to be accessed and monitored

And some features

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible authorisation limits can be set improving cost control in your business
  • Nominal accounts can be allocated to a supplier or to individual managers
  • Complete control over overdue invoices
  • Auto-download facility to your purchase ledger removes the data entry requirement.
  • Our proprietary thin client gives a secure environment for your documents
  • The purchase order entry add-on gives you complete control over ‘who orders what’
  • The audit trail of PIA user activity is visible using the Textstor viewer

Further information on Purchase Invoice Authorisation can be found here.

Electronic Document Distribution (EDD)

Sending customer statements and supplier remittances by post is a time consuming and expensive business. Costly multi-part company stationery is quite often used and the process of printing, sorting, placing in envelopes and franking is very labour intensive. Textstor EDD was created to overcome these issues by collecting, archiving and sending the documents electronically by email (or even fax if you wish). A copy can still be printed if that’s what the customer wishes.

The benefits of EDD

  • Improved efficiency in the credit control and accounts departments
  • Savings in postage charges, pre-printed stationery and printing costs
  • Savings in labour costs
  • Customers will receive their statements much quicker
  • Outstanding invoices can also be attached to the email, resulting in better credit control and earlier payment
  • The email is directed to the correct person in the organization

 And some features

  • Zero and credit balance statements can be ignored
  • Intercompany statements can be ignored
  • Additional documents can be attached to the email (e.g. marketing information, newsletters)
  • A full audit trail of documents sent is created and visible in the Textstor viewer

Further information on Electronic Document Distrubition can be found here.

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