Trapeze Desktop

Trapeze Desktop

Trapeze Desktop is imaging software that gives you the ability to browse, view, retrieve and manipulate documents on the individual desktop, within the organisation, or over the internet, as if they were paper in your hands. Trapeze Desktop can also be used as a multi-page tiff and pdf viewer. Trapeze offers a single solution for viewing, scanning, measuring, markup, OCR, redaction and printing of plans, images and maps.

Trapeze Desktop Benefits

Any file size. Any format. Any location. Trapeze Desktop gives you quick access to your vital information at a glance, giving you the ability to work with disparate document formats, large sizes, complex drawings and maps.

  • Easy text searching within images
  • Handles any document format and file size.
  • Print to original size or to scale.
  • You can retrieve, browse, view, annotate, manipulate, measure, calibrate and redact with Trapeze Desktop Plan Manager
  • Intuitive, fast and easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Ability to deliver high quality scanned images via the web.
  • Compare planning documents with the Trapeze light table
  • Demonstrate Sustainability – environmentally friendly

Trapeze Desktop and Trapeze Desktop for Sharepoint enable you to organise information exactly as you need it for your work environment using Bookmarks. Engineering drawings are much easier to navigate, zoom into and save to a size that is easy to work with without losing detail or clarity.

Trapeze Desktop Plan Manager allows Planning Professionals to take exact measurements on maps or plans in real dimensions as well as view and work with large file sizes and formats sent from remote sites, without having to download the entire document. Trapeze Desktop Plan Manager integrates with any ODMA compliant document management system and database. Suitable for Planning Departments, Building Control, and Fire Departments.

For more information on the full Trapeze Desktop range, contact CMS Software direct. You’ll find our contact details here.