Installation & Training

Installation & Training Services

Scoping of the work required and the extent of the project to integrate with your existing applications is a major factor to consider with your IT department.

Further to this we establish the appropriate hardware requirements and the most beneficial configuration and delivery mechanism suitable to the client site. CMS Software will furthermore explore the feasibility of any additional requirements specified as part of an overall long-term project plan.

Once the design of the system has been decided we will draw up an installation overview document and an implementation plan. This document will ensure that all parties understand and agree all aspects of your implementation.

Prior to installation CMS draw up an installation plan. The solution is completely implemented, installed and tested by our experienced staff working in conjunction with your respective personnel.


Getting the most from your investment in technology means showing your team how to use the tools you have given them. CMS Software provide bespoke training programmes designed to match exactly the criteria you want in all applications and products we implement within your organisation.

For further information on our full range of professional services, contact CMS Software direct. You’ll find our contact details here.