Document Management

Document Management

Document management provides streamlining of all your document based office processes. Important paper documents are scanned centrally, converted to digital format & stored in an easy to access format using the CMS Software document management software, Textstor. PDF and other files received are also archived into the same database, with vital information (eg date, reference etc.) extracted and used in the document retrieval process.


Document management provides a positive return on investment, typically within 6-9 months of implementation.  In addition it provides the following benefits..

  • Reduced filing cabinet requirement releasing valuable office space
  • Protection against business continuity in case of disaster (fire, flooding)
  • Increased data security by controlling accessibility to sensitive documents
  • Real savings on post, stationery, paper, ink etc.
  • Personnel overhead can be kept at a minimum due to efficiencies in day to day processes
  • Flow of paperwork electronically and the ability to build in business rules


We have developed and installed systems that offer full or semi automation in the processing of forms and other business related documents including..

  • The archiving of important documents in electronic format, PDF. TIFF etc
  • Management of historical archives without the need for large filing cabinets
  • Indexing and retrieval of your documents using customer defined search criteria
  • Scanning remotely for document capture and distribution
  • Automated data capture from documents received, i.e. purchase invoices, despatch notes
  • Barcode capture for indexing and retrieval
  • Forms Processing, OCR and ICR Character Recognition, including hand written characters
  • Purchase invoice data capture and export to your own system
  • Automation of received documents (workflow)
  • Electronic network faxing

For further information on Document Management contact CMS Software direct. You’ll find our contact details here.