Computer hardware and software support services for the car dealer network

CMS Software Limited has provided IT related products and services to over 100 franchised and independent car dealerships for over 25 years. We continue to support many of these in the UK.

 These companies use CMS Software Limited to supply:-

  • Electronic Document Management:- invoice processing, document storage, document archiving, document workflow
  • Document Scanners
  • IBM RS6000 Server Maintenance
  • Intel/AMD Based Server Maintenance
  • Windows Server Software Support
  • Peripheral Hardware & Support

Textstor electronic document management for car dealers

Textstor is our document management software which can be integrated into your existing Dealer Management System (DMS). e.g. Power by Reynolds Reynolds and others. The software will allow your dealership to scan, index, archive and retrieve  important documents produced by your DMS.

Our Document Management Software will:-

  • Archive large volumes of  invoices, purchase orders, statements, remittance advices and management reports
  • Free up important and costly space once taken up by your filing cabinets
  • Reduce the need for hard copy printed reports
  • Increase the accuracy of data inputs into your Dealer Management System.
  • Provide substantial cost saving for filing and retrieving your documents.
  • Automatic filing of documents using barcode or OCR/ICR recognition.
  • Can extract hand written information electronically from received forms/documents.
  • Copy invoices can be emailed directly to the customer

Textstor – Purchase Invoice Authorisation (PIA)

Purchase Invoice Authorisation takes advantage of your archived purchase invoices. Each invoice is sent electronically to one or more managers, who are responsible for the authorisation. If it is required, the manager can enter a nominal breakdown for the invoice (nominal account/amount/stock number). When complete,  the invoice is authorised by simply pressing the ‘authorise invoice’ button, Saving time and money on lost and misplaced invoices. The resulting purchase invoice data can be downloaded into your DMS automatically, removing the need to re-key.

Textstor – Electronic Document Distribution (EDD)

Electronic Document Distribution (EDD)  enables you to send month end statements to your customers by email, fax or hard copy in one simple process.


  • Optionally suppress the output of zero and credit balance statements
  • Send overdue invoices with the statement
  • Additional documents can also be attached to the statement e.g. marketing promotions, news letters, etc
  • Suppress the output of “inter company” statements


  • Savings in postage charges, pre-printed stationary, envelopes, printing etc
  • Saving in labour costs associated with the process of sending statements out each month
  • Improved efficiency of Credit Control as all overdue invoices can be sent with the statements.

Click here to see the  product information sheet for our Car Dealer Document Management solutions.

Hardware Maintenance

CMS Software currently provides support for Windows based servers from manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Dell plus many more. These servers are fully supported by CMS in all aspects of their operational life and are maintained on site by our business partners as well as remotely from our office based in Upminster, Essex by our Windows certified technical support staff. This is to provide you with peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is cared for and kept in working order. An example of the types of servers supported by CMS Software are:

  • IBM X series range of Windows servers
  • HP ProLiant, ML, DL & BL servers HP Integrity, Entry Level – RX2660, RX3600 & RX6600, Mid Range – RX7640 & RX8640, High End – Superdome servers
  • Dell PowerEdge range of Windows servers

In addition to Windows based servers, we provide hardware maintenance for the following mid range server platforms; IBM RS6000, IBM AS/400 & Bull Escala range. This can include Systems Environment Support (SES) and AIX support if required.

Software Support

CMS Software is an accredited member of the Microsoft Partner Program. We are able to provide second and third line technical support to your IT staff for your Windows server applications and operating systems. For companies with limited IT staff resources we also provide first line support for those day to day problems. We provide cover for a range of Microsoft Server operating systems & applications and workstation operating systems including:-

  • Exchange 2003 – 2016
  • SQL 2000 – 2016
  • Windows Server 2003 – 2016
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Click here to see the product information sheet for our Automotive Hardware and Software Support Services.

For more information on the Automotive products and services we provide, contact CMS Software direct. You’ll find our contact details here.