Understanding the benefits of document scanning

One of the best business decisions you will make this year is to scan your office documents. It’s a bold statement to make and here’s why we believe it is the case.
The benefits of working with digital images are numerous. Which of the following would you benefit from?

  1. The average office worker working digitally will gain around 30 minutes per day not having to handle, search, copy or retrieve paper documentation. If it’s electronic, a document can be on screen in seconds. When taken across the year that is a staggering 125 working hours or 15.5 days saved.
  2. With the average office dedicating 18% of its space to paper filing, the impact of removing it can be considerable. Whether you decide to use the space for more staff, a breakout area or even to save money downsizing your office, the opportunities are endless.
  3. If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything it’s that people don’t need to be in the office to work collaboratively. A modern business needs to be agile and part of this is the ability to find and share information quickly amongst your employees. After all, an office full of paper cannot be shared across multiple locations.
  4. Paper use is still increasing it’s gone up by 64% in the last 7 years and is expected to double between 2020 and 2030. Even with digital working, many organisations find paper is still a necessity and important to allow them to transact business. Document scanning allows a business to still transact with paper, but once completed the paper documents are removed from the office, digitised, and held in quarantine before being shredded and recycled.

These are just a few of the benefits available by outsourcing your document scanning to a company like CMS Software.

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